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Grossman latter discovered that the boys name was also “Rex Grossman”.Grossman assumed his identity, and the rest was, as they say, history.Grossman was the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears until 2007.

Grossman allegedly missed the 2004 season with a broken “konomuclus spincter”, meaning he had H1N1 from having oral Sex with a pig.Grossman earned national recognition on the football field after throwing a game winning touchdown pass while smoking (self-proclaimed) “medicinal” marijuana. To Grass Man, he became a sensation at Thug U, smoking many a bowl.He completed his collegiate career with a Heretic’s Degree in Blasphemy, and an Apprentice’s Degree in witchcraft, formally known as liberal arts.After spending an eternity urinating, Brian Urlacher, stormed into the restroom and accidentally grabbed a Rex-look-alike, and forced him unto the team Bus.The Real Rex turned up weeks later, but was signed by the Cuban Comrades, the best soccer team in Latin America.

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