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Being part of the tiny house movement allows them to really put their skills and fine craftsmanship into practice, producing little gems for their clients.They follow the credo of ‘less is more’, but this does not take anything away from the beauty of the final product and they always keep in mind that this will become someone’s home.

I get the question a lot: “how do I live in a tiny house with a family?” People want to know how they can enjoy the family life and set up houses for tiny house families.The point here is to not get tied up in what a tiny house is supposed to be, but what works for you and your family. Tiny houses have thrived because they are flexible housing solutions, not some rigid definition.Many have innovative ideas and solutions for living small, and all have a great deal of artistic flair.Some are mobile, others are stationary, some are basic and simple while others are luxurious and stylish.

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