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Hello All, If anyone has information regarding the schedule for the Yasukuni Jinja taikai (or embu? The dojo is on the banks of the Abegawa in (I believe) the Miroku section of the city. I was, as a matter of fact, referring to what happens in the groups from Tokyo/Kanto.

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So, I've moved the images to a new site, so drop by (feel free to download any images - just so long as folks don't have to pay to see 'em! Kim, It'd be great if you could fit them into your journal, especially.

The Shinkage-ryu group was probably that of Kato S., of the Shumpukan. One guy had his shinai knocked out of his hands; his opponent came in with a *really* big menuchi. The disarmed guy threw his aite with one of the best osotogari I've seen in a long time and then scored with men dori.

They've also demonstrated Owari Kan-ryu a couple of times at the Butokuden. Very classic stuff -- it makes me wet just thinking about it.

Other interesting schools I've seen there are Kogen Itto-ryu, and some kind of jujutsu I don't recall now (this was in May 1974 -- perhaps it was Sekiguchi Shinshin-ryu? Well, we won't go into the "wakyu is really inefficient" stuff; we just finished our annual kyudo seminar last week; one of the sensei who came over is in his mid 60s, shoots a 45-50 pound bow and regularly hits in the 95% range (95-96 hits out of 100, 14" target at 30 yds).

And wakyu is about as "bare bow" as you can get; 300 year old technology, really; the only thing that's really changed since late Edo is the fact that modern bows are glued together with epoxy resin now instead of traditonal glue.

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