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Yankah wrote that when he instructs his children “on the ways of the world,” he teaches them that white people cannot be trusted and that blacks cannot befriend whites.In short, white folks are evil, supremacist oppressors, not just by their traditions and history, but by their very intrinsic nature.

Some were outright “conservatives,” others just students who wished to avoid the upheavals.

And what is a singular and salient characteristic of this situation is that it has as much to do with the professoriate and academic over class as it has to do with the students.

The chilling fact is that since the late 1960s, most of the Ph Ds—the future professors, teachers and university administrators—turned out by our colleges and universities have been imbued with a Marxist outlook and philosophy that now pervades nearly all academic disciplines, but most especially history, sociology, philosophy, English, anthropology, and political science, in other words, the liberal arts.

Ironically, just as the Soviet Communist system finally fell (August 1991) after seven decades of totalitarian rule and Eastern Europe was being self-liberated from its forty-five years under Moscow’s boot, what Dr.

Paul Gottfried has labeled quite correctly “cultural Marxism” was triumphing in Western Europe and in the United States.

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