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Absence of metacarpal and metatarsal bones not palms or standing plants Square shape of the foramen magnum, different from the human one that is oval.

However, he presented some information in a parallel internet broadcast in French. Jamin while the rest of the team did not present any DNA results stating that they were not ready yet. Jamin’s DNA results refer to finding human DNA in the sample tested but I don’t know if this means that only DNA is present. although in Lima it was not a call for all citizens, but primarily a call for the press and there were many empty seats remaining.Moreover, the exclusion of the entire archaeological context is absolutely contrary to the scientific investigation of this kind of cultural property.3.- It is the responsibility of the authorities to make the corresponding accusations, since this ‘production’ has violated numerous national and international norms that watch for the defense of the Cultural Heritage.4.- Finally, these illegal and criminal actions in a human body violate human dignity.In particular, the exploitation of pre-Columbian mummies carried out by these people assaults and offends the Andean Culture, implying that their achievements were due to alleged ‘foreign aid’.

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