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Brett sent a letter and a few weeks later received a reply.

He says: 'The donor said his dad had died of leukaemia, so it was amazing to know he'd saved a life.'Shortly after the two-year anniversary, Brett met his donor – an occasion he describes as 'incredibly emotional'.

Tubing is one thing and old fashioned sledding is another.

So when Paul proposed to his girlfriend Laura, 29, he knew immediately who his best man would be.Incredibly, just a week later Brett and Janice were overjoyed to hear there was a perfect match.The procedure involves a bag of specially treated blood, rich with stem cells from the anonymous donor, being fed into the patient. I couldn't believe it was so simple.'One hundred days after the transplant, he was given the news he had been hoping for: he was completely cured.'It somehow didn't feel real, that I'd been given this second chance,' he recalls.'I had no idea if this was a small child, a man or a woman – all I cared about was that I'd helped someone, maybe even saved a life.Finally meeting Brett and his lovely family made me realise what an amazing process this is.'Incredibly, both men lived in Hertfordshire: Paul in Hitchin, a 25-minute drive from Brett, in Bricket Wood.

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