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Brad Hooper Copyright © American Library Association. A spirit that keeps these young people going amidst a hopeless cycle. The photos never pander to our emotions, yet they don't allow us to stand above implacably indifferent either. You have a job to do after you open this book, as Bianca Jagger so eloquently pleads - what will we do *now that we are no longer ignorant*. Human beings are leaving wide swaths of evidence for the prosecution to codemn us to our fate.

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Heather, also known as Blue, was so down-to-Earth it took me a moment to register that she was the owner of the beautiful ranch in front of me.It had only been a few hours but I felt like I was surrounded by old friends.When cowgirl Heather revealed it was her birthday, I was genuinely thrilled to be spending it with her. After a demonstration and a thorough briefing from the cowgirls, I swallowed my nerves and tried something I’d always dreamed of but didn’t know if I’d ever actually do.Through the work he was doing, he began forming a bond with two other missionaries — Wayne and Megan Tingle — who eventually established Enrich Missions in Matagalpa.The Christian mission offers tutoring and has an established nutrition program that feeds about 75 children four times a week and administers vitamins.

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